Welcome to the official website of the Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association of Extremadura (AECCPRE)

The Association was established on November 7, 1988. Since its inception, we have aimed to preserve the genetic heritage of Purebred Spanish Horses and boost their selection while representing and protecting the interests of its members, the associate stud farms.

At present, the AECCPRE continues to work towards the promotion of Purebred Spanish Horse in Extremadura and beyond its borders, both national and international, in collaboration with the institutions of the Regional Government; the reputation of the local stud farms for their superior quality is a compelling reason to visit and explore Extremadura.

Extremadura, a southwestern Spanish region bordering Portugal, boasts magnificent fields and pastures with optimal sunlight and climatic conditions, where exceptional Purebred Spanish Horses grow freely and, along with other livestock species, enjoy the resources of the pasture: springtime grass, stubble fields of the summer and even the acorn in wintertime. This breeding in a free environment is highly beneficial for physical development as well as for shaping the typical character of the Spanish Horse, a breed that has carried treasured values in its genes for centuries.

The superior quality of the stud farms of this Association of Extremadura is the result of excellent origins, an extensive collection and proper breeding methods that are evident from the victories in national and international competitions that Extremadura has participated in.

Extremadura exports Purebred Spanish Horses to the most diverse places in the world: Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, PR China, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands.

We invite you to visit Extremadura and explore the remarkable stud farms of this Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association of Extremadura.

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